Terms & Conditions

As with all your wedding vendors, there are a bucket load of terms and conditions (makes for fascinating reading doesn’t it?). When booking your photography with RXAphotography, I sit down with you and go through every point in the agreement so you are fully aware of what you are receiving and the conditions under which I photograph.

But for now the important bits are below:

Wedding Photography Terms & Conditions

  1. There is a minimum booking of six hours per wedding.
  2. The amount of coverage desired must be decided at the time of booking and forms part of the contract between you and RXAphotography. This number may be increased prior to the wedding.
  3. Please allow 8 weeks from your wedding day for your photographs to be ready for viewing.
  4. The clients agree to be awesome and fun!

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Wedding Photography Registry (WPR) Terms and Conditions

  1. The couple must have a signed wedding agreement before setting up the WPR.
  2. There is a minimum contribution of $50 and a maximum contribution of $500 per guest. 100% of the contribution will be recorded on the couple’s photography account. RXAphotography charges no fee or commission.
  3. As part of the contribution, RXAphotography will request the name and email address of the person(s) making the contribution. This email address will identify the contributor(s) in future and be added to the RXAphotography mailing list. The contributor can unsubscribe at anytime.
  4. Upon receiving the contribution RXAphotography will:
    1. Record the contribution against the couples account, and
    2. Provide each contributor with credit equal to the value of their contribution upon receiving an email address. This credit can be used for their own portrait session/product credit with RXAphotography.
    3. Notify the couple of the contribution, the identity of the contributor(s) and the current registry balance.
  5. The couple may request their balance at anytime. RXAphotography will endeavour to respond to such requests within 48 hours.
  6. This contribution credit is not transferrable to cash and is valid for six calendar months from the day of the wedding.
  7. Contributions become available for use when received and can be applied to payments attached to the wedding photography agreement.
  8. Contributions can be used to extend the contracted coverage ($300 for each hour) and/or purchase products and/or additional RXAphotography portrait sessions.
  9. Extensions to coverage (via the WPR contributions) must be requested before 7 days prior to the wedding to allow the photographer to prepare.
  10. In the event of the wedding not taking place, all contributors will be contacted to organise a refund. There will be a 10% administration fee incurred. If contributors wish to commission their own portrait session, they may use the contribution towards that session and no administration charge will be applied.
  11. The standard portrait session received by the contributor can be transferred to a family member residing in the same household (spouse or child) and lasts 60 minutes at an agreed location. Travel fees may apply.
  12. The contributors credit must be used within 14 days of viewing the photographs.

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